New York Tibetan Art Studio is dedicated to all the great Tibetan painters of the past as well as those who are currently in exile. In the past, artists were well known to their contemporaries but unknown to most others. Knowledge of many of Tibet’s greatest artists has been lost over time. We are just beginning to discover the identities and legacies of these individuals, who have made significant contributions to the rich tradition of Tibetan art.

New York Tibetan Art Studio is an accessible resource for all art-education programs and universities who wish to offer instruction to their students on Tibetan art and its artists. Founder-painter-critic Pema Rinzin and his students are available to offer lectures, information and presentations.

Students who are part of New York Tibetan Art Studio are engaged in a wide range of creative practices and professions beyond the studio. We frequently share information about our students’ outside projects, to illustrate the communication between the student’s work within New York Tibetan Art Studio and their outside practice.

Beyond the thangka and the icons is a vision of an artist.   This studio learns Tibetan art through understanding the qualities of the line, composition, and exploring individuality. A look into contemporary art guided by Master Artist Pema Rinzin.