2007-Present       NEW YORK TIBETAN ART STUDIO (Numerous)

Brooklyn, NY


-2014- NEW SCHOOL – Lecture about color and individual in Tibetan Art

-Reading and Discussion on Chapter 3 ‘sMan-thang-pa sMan-bla-don-grub and the Early Followers of His Tradition’ of David Jackson’s book “A History of Tibetan Painting” (2007)

-Discussion on 17th century sMan-ris Artists Patronized by the 5th Dalai Lama and the sDe-srid Sangs-rgyas-ragaya-mtsho (reagent)  (2007)

-Measurement-the lack of importance of units/measurements in art at New York Tibetan Art Studio (May 30 2010)

-Field Trip-Walking Through the Mandala Exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art (October 16 2010)

Artist and color composition-How color composition is used by individual artists, and what makes an artist a master of color usage at Kontent Real office in Manhattan (November 7 2010)



Boston, MA

2010                      The COLLEGIATE SCHOOL (Numerous)

New York, NY

2010                        TIBET HOUSE (Numerous)

New York, NY

2008                       RUBIN MUSEUM OF ART (Numerous)

New York, NY

2008                        LEHIGH UNIVERSITY

Bethlehem, PA

2008                        OBERLIN COLLEGE

Oberlin, OH

2008                        THE NIGHTINGALE-BAMFORD SCHOOL

New York, NY

2008                        THE NEW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY           

New York, NY

2007                        BOSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (Numerous)

Boston, MA

2007                        THE DALTON SCHOOL (Numerous)

New York, NY

2007                        MASSACHUSSETTS COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN (Numerous)

Boston, MA

2007                       SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS (Numerous)

New York, NY

2006                       THE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL

New York, NY

1996-2002            SHOKO-JI CULTURAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE (Numerous)

Nagano, Japan