I am very happy to announce that we raised $1500 this Saturday at the fundraiser lunch. I will show detailed record of who received the money in Nepal.

On behalf of NYTAS I would like to thank all the friends who supported this cause by attending the fundraiser and making kind donations for the cause: Ana Velasco Lacayo, Tad Fettig, Kevin Connolly, Renee Dorski, Yoni Zilber, Kate Oh Trabulsi, David Dbar Demers, Yonghee Joe, Alba Páramo, Michela Muserra, Mimi Eayrs-Jones, Ashley Zelinskie, Celia Gerard, Camila Fernandez, Tenzin Dolkar, Tim Laursen & Anne, Augustin Kim, Pia Leighton, Antoine Barbot, Michael Dunn, Susan Gray, Shinji Horizakura. Thank you so much!

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