The New York Tibetan Art Studio (NYTAS) is pleased to announce its inaugural group exhibition at Active Space in Brooklyn, New York. The show features work by twenty-seven artists and is curated by the NYTAS Founder and Director Pema Rinzin with co-curators Kevin Connolly Gillespie and Max Fenton. The exhibition brings together the artists’ studies of traditional Tibetan painting as well as contemporary pieces informed by this practice.

Pema Rinzin is a Tibetan-born artist, recognized as both a master Thangka painter and an accomplished contemporary artist. The school’s mission is to keep ancient Tibetan traditions alive through the teaching of artistic techniques and symbolic content. An expert in individual Tibetan masters, Rinzin emphasizes the hand of the artist, focusing on the unique narrative and creator of each work.

The traditional paintings in this exhibition center around thoughtful Buddhas, sage Bodhisattvas, and charged deities who sit amidst symbol-rich fields of flora, fauna, clouds, and celestial bodies. Most works are on paper with ink from sumi blocks and ground mineral pigments that include malachite, azurite, cinnabar, and sulphur.

The exhibition also highlights the contemporary art practice of each of the NYTAS students. We see the ways in which their personal work is influenced by their traditional studies, both formally and thematically. These pieces take a variety of forms including Tad Fettig’s stunning short film Sky Burial, which documents Mongolian funeral rites, Monisha Raja’s mandala-like abstractions on papyrus, and an installation by Pema Rinzin and Mari Iwahara.

The show also features friends of the NYTAS who are not studying with the school directly but whose work is in dialogue with Tibetan art and its New York community. Friends include musician Kyp Malone and street artists R. Nicholas Kuszyk and Swoon, whose current installation, Submerged Motherlands, is currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum.

Participating Artists:
Benjamin Armas, Adriana Atema, Ori Carino, D-bar, Max Fenton, Tad Fettig, Matt Franowicz, Celia Gerard, Kevin Connolly Gillespie, Manal Grant, Mari Iwahara, Mimi Eayrs-Jones, R. Nicholas Kuszyk,  Pia Leighton, Elim Mak, Kyp Malone, Allyson Mellberg, Monisha Raja, Pema Rinzin, Swoon, Deirdre Swords, Jeremy Taylor, Kate Oh Trabulsi, Ana Maria Velasco, Virginia Wagner, Yoni Zilber, Ashley Zelinske

Special thanks to The Active Space, Ashley Zelinske, Virginia Wagner, and Tenzin Dolkar.