I want to congratulate Yoni Zilber who is starting the second course at NYTAS! The second course focuses on beauty, princeliness, and power.As you can see, Yoni’s hand has gotten more soft because he has completed many many drawings of figures (mostly buddhas) in the first course. The figure of the buddha is a basic human form. The three kinds of human form which the second course focuses on branch out from the basic human form. He will now learn figures of beauty (women and female deities), princeliness (elegant and slim figures) and power (wrathful deities and large chubby and/or muscular figures).

All great Tibetan artists have a statement and are individuals. They have achieved a level of freedom in their art so that they are able to draw and paint WHATEVER they want. The second course at NYTAS is an important step in this direction!

-New York Tibetan Art Studio

photo courtesy of Pema Rinzin, Contemporary Tibetan Artist

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