The last group of drawings I posted are very quick drawings I made recently. The quick sketch is an important part of training in Tibetan art. To be able to work with forms to develop a sense of expressive movement requires speed. Sometimes the result is a little illustrational but that is ok as long as one has exercised their skills at building an active composition.”Spirituality and The Auspicious Crows”I just finished these two contemporary drawings – a diptych I call “Spirituality and The Auspicious Crows”. They are inspired by Japanese art but I used pencil (as opposed to the Japanese brush). If you look closely for the placement, actions and expressions of the crows you will see the essence of the composition. This is the kind of composition I have wanted to do for a long time: incorporating the deer, monkey and insects with the most important crow. I chose the crow because it is one of the most auspicious birds in Tibetan culture. It always brings good luck to families. And it is also important to me that crows are black, which is the symbol of power and the embodiment of Mahakala. At the top is the sun with a female goddess which represents humanity and spirituality. And my empty space is my abstract form – in this case it is the vehicle for the composition’s movement. All art is part spirituality which the artists access and express. Nowadays there is such a lack of understanding and appreciation of spirituality and humanity. It feels like a bankruptcy!

Pema Rinzin, Contemporary Tibetan Artist

Size: 18″ X 9″

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